New Parish Mission Talks: Homecoming

At the Homecoming event at St Mary's (with Fr. Tom Lynch)

At the Homecoming event at St Mary’s (with Fr. Tom Lynch)

We all have loved ones who have left the Catholic Church.

They are our children. Our grandchildren. Siblings and other relatives. Friends, neighbours and coworkers. Our hearts break for them as they brave the wilderness of life, outside the hearth and home of the Catholic Church.

How do we bring them home? And why did they leave in the first place?

Understanding the answer your loved one gives to that last question is just as important as the first — if we don’t grasp the real reasons people leave the Church, we’ll never be effective in our attempts to help them home.

This is the subject of my band-new parish mission event called Homecoming: How to Bring Family and Friends Home to the Catholic Church.
I just returned from giving this Mission for the first time at one of Canada’s most beautiful and historic parishes, Saint Mary’s Church in Lindsay, Ontario. I’ll be hitting the road again very soon to give it again at two more parishes this spring. And now, you can schedule this event at your parish. Just contact me and we’ll get the ball rolling. I expect that available dates will fill up quickly, so don’t wait — the eternal souls of your loved ones are worth every effort we can make to help them. And I’m confident that what you’ll learn from these presentations will help.

I look forward to connecting with you, and speaking for your parish or group!