I’ll be on CTV News Channel tomorrow to chat about the Pope’s First Tweet!

B16 will be tweeting from his new @Pontifex account tomorrow! Not sure if he’ll use an iPad, but we do know the Holy Father is a huge fan of those two older tablets…I’ll be in studio on CTV News Channel to break down this milestone in Gospel communications. Look for me somewhere between 10-10:30 9:30-10 AM Eastern, probably around 9:45.

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  1. Lenelyn
    Lenelyn says:

    See a pattern here? Turdo was PM back in ’76. The deincle seems to have started around ’70 soon after he was first elected, hmm. Then it kept declining for the next 31 years, most of which was under Liberal rule. Hmmmm. Only 10 years under conservatives during that time. But now that there’s another Conservative as PM, where’s the dollar?

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    http://www.reesewmiller.com/ says:

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