EWTN Week Starts Tonight!

Tonight I’ll be appearing on “The Journey Home” program on EWTN with Marcus Grodi. Marcus interviewed me recently about my journey from nominal Catholicism to agnosticism, to Protestant ministry, and eventually home to the Catholic Church. You can watch it at 8 PM, or catch it in live streaming format on EWTN’s website. It will re-air on Tuesday, July 19, at 1 AM & 9 AM,   Thursday, July 21 at 2 PM, and Saturday, July 23, at 11 PM (all times Eastern). The entire weekly EWTN schedule can be found here.

I also had a chance to guest on the “Deep in Scripture” radio program, also hosted by Marcus, which will air this Wednesday at 2 PM on EWTN radio, and at this link: We had a great time exploring John 21 and the implications of that text for the Papacy.

This week, I guess it’s all EWTN, all the time!

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  1. Daniel Pereira
    Daniel Pereira says:

    Hi Cale
    Enjoyed your coming back home this evening on EWTN with Marcus . I have download the new Mass app thanks,and I am happy that you are back home. May God continue to work through you.

  2. Dorothy Woodrum
    Dorothy Woodrum says:

    Wow! I’m so glad I tuned in tonight. I got so much out of this interview
    With the gentleman from Ottawa Canada
    I am a born again Christian for many years, and nice to know that there are more Evangelicals in the Catholic Church.
    I was Catholic then went to be a Pentecostal .
    Which is fine, But now that I have listened to you tonight I will return back.
    My two aunt’s that are my Mom ‘s two sisters are both nun’s an are of the French Order. The Daughters of the Holy Spirit.
    They are Evangelicals.
    So thank you I will watch your program from now on.
    I believe the Lord allowed me to turn on this channel tonight.
    I will call my brother and share this with him, As it has been his prayer to have me return to the Catholic church.
    The only thing I don’t believe in is praying to Mary.
    The word said while he was healing the sick ect… The apostle said to Jesus that that his Mother was in the crowd and wanted Him. He said ” who is my Mother ” ? All who follow me are my Mother and brothers.
    How do you explain that?
    Can you place me on your e mail list ?
    God Bless.
    In Christ ;
    Dorothy Woodrum

  3. Irene Dperey
    Irene Dperey says:

    Enjoyed hearing you on EWTN. You have been given a grace, that you
    now are sharing with others ,who are in darkness about their Catholic Faith
    as you once were.Some one was definitily praying for you.
    God is most merciful
    If you ever write a simple book in defense of the truth of the catholic faith
    let me know
    Creston,British Columbia

  4. Cale Clarke
    Cale Clarke says:

    Irene, thanks for the comment. I certainly agree that God is most merciful and that people were praying for me! And one day, I do indeed hope to write a simple book about the truths of the faith! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I hope it’ll be a reality soon. Keep in touch!

  5. Cale Clarke
    Cale Clarke says:

    Daniel, thanks for your kind words, and for downloading the app! I hope you and many others will find it helpful. I appreciate your prayers!

  6. Cale Clarke
    Cale Clarke says:

    Hi Dorothy! I’m glad that you’ll be returning home as well. I actually live in Toronto, and am originally from Nova Scotia. I don’t have an email list per se, but if you click on the orange button that says “Subscribe to Posts”, you’ll be notified of all my new posts via email. As far as your question about Mary, I’ll say this: Jesus’ words about those who obey God being his true relatives, in a sense, even his “mother and brethren” (cf. Mark 3:31-35), are not in any way a slight to Mary. In fact, it highlights the fact that Mary is the greatest of all Christian disciples. If someone who obeys God has a greater connection to Jesus than a blood relative ever could, this is even more true of Mary. By her “Fiat” (Luke 1:38), she was the first person to ever become obedient to God’s plan to save the world through Christ, and to participate in it. In this sense, as St Augustine noted, she conceived the Word of God in her soul before she ever carried him in her womb. Ask Mary to pray for you and your needs. She’s a most powerful intercessor with her divine Son, as you’ll discover. God bless you.

  7. Tami
    Tami says:

    Mr. Clarke, Thank you for telling us your story of faith with Marcus. My husband and I joined the Church in April of 2010. I was raised a Baptist, my husband was raised outside of church but the spirit has always been with him. Listening to stories like yours give me “growing spurts” in my journey. You know…those light bulb moments. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for following the path that the Lord has set before you. I pray that He will continue to form us into the Saints that he wants us to be and that we keep listening to his direction. God Bless.

  8. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Hi Cale, I have just watched your journey home on EWTN. I will tell my son about the app. Are you a member of Opus Dei?

  9. Bev Guevin
    Bev Guevin says:

    Hi Cale,
    Enjoyed hearing your story and your interaction with Marcus. We [my husband and I] watch his program every week and learn so much from him and his guests.
    We’re both cradle Catholics and continue to grow in faith via EWTN and the programs available every week.
    Abundant blessings upon your wife, your family and you.

  10. JR Mooney
    JR Mooney says:

    I was ‘grinning ear to ear,’ overjoyed at the story of your reconversion and return home. Welcome home! Your website is excellent, and as a student of history, I agree that history is an important tool for us to help evangelize others. May God keep you and bless your efforts! JR

  11. Rosita Cardozo
    Rosita Cardozo says:

    Hello Cale:

    I really enjoyed hearing your coming home to the Catholic Faith. I am a catholic from birth, but with my subscription to the EWTN Channel I have learnt a lot and am still learning about Jesus and His Mother Mary. My husband has made his upward journey and I am left with my children and grandchildren, and my daily prayer is that they too make their journey home to Jesus through His Blessed Mother Mary. I will pass on your site to my older grandchildren. God bless you for keeping His word alive.

  12. Ed Winkle
    Ed Winkle says:

    Cale, I heard your interview with Marcus Grodi today, 9-11-12 on my ewtn radio station. I wanted to write down what was said about the sin of leaving the church and not returning but I was driving. If you could email me or post this discussion, it would be great!

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